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rE:Volution: Vicktor by LeMinouNoir rE:Volution: Vicktor by LeMinouNoir

update app image 082014 i can't part from that crew neck man...

▶ Name: Vicktor Don Jon
▶ Age: 19
▶ Gender: Male
▶ Height: 5'1  ½ 157.5 however he does say 5'2" if asked since he's only a tiny cm away. # sad
▶ Weight: 126 lbs | 56.2 kg
▶ Birthdate & Star Sign: October 28th, Scorpio 
▶ District: Nakasu
▶ Education/Job: 
| currently attending college|1st year
  • University of Midorijima
  • Political Science Major
| works part time at smoothie/tea lounge & eatery 
  • offers full menu of Asian cuisines plus boba tea's, mocha's, & smoothies.

✧Team:  RE:VOLUTION - OPM by LeMinouNoir

Tag Tattoo Location:  left thigh


    RE:VOLUTION: COIL-Oliver by LeMinouNoir
    ★ Oliver| Sealpoint SiameseFemale 
  • Vicktor treats Oliver like any other cat to be honest, he's still new to the concept of all-mates being AI's in a shape of an animal. He simply just programmed her to act accordingly and not out of hand. The only person she speaks to in a 'well manner' is Vicktor and to whomever she see's Vicktor talking to 'nicely'. Aside from that it seems Vicktor seems to have given her a semi 'free-range' option. She however does keep tabs on Vicktor whenever he starts to act out of hand. ((tells him to calm his shit lol ))

  • voice:  sample

    ● Personality:

    | Competitive: he enjoys receiving an adrenaline rush, and the only sane way to get this is through being competitive with others. Playing fair or not it doesn't matter.

    | Observant: he pays very close attention to people's words and actions; he has quiet a memory as well so he tends to keep tabs for future reference. So if one contradicts themselves in a future conversation he'll be sure to call them out and let them know.

    | Manipulative: He enjoys putting people on the spot and have them bend his way; he'll most likely take advantage of a situation by judging and taking advantage of one's strengths or weaknesses and the rest will slowly pave through; he avoids trouble by playing dumb but he's okay with that.

    | Unyielding: He stands strong with his opinions and he won't be swayed into thinking anything else, it is rare for him to budge and change his opinion, even if he does know he's wrong. 

    | Crude: He's crude in the way of giving snarky and snide remarks every now and then, or whenever he feels like it. His mood is like the weather and ever changing so it's rather difficult to determine when he'll throw a low blow.

    | Jocular: Vicktor enjoys a good laugh, he tends to joke around with those he's comfortable with; these jokes may range from good natured jokes to jokes that are just...bad.

    ● History:

    Raised in the states, Vicktor grew up in a small household of three; consisting himself, his mother, and his grandfather. For majority of his childhood, his grandfather was in charge of taking care of him while his mother was off at work paying the bills and bringing home the bacon. Although his family situation was odd, Vicktor lived a simple and comfortable life, accepting of his current environment.

    From elementary to high school, Vicktor was the average student, both excelling and struggling with certain subjects. While he took his education seriously early on, the boy never stressed over anything starting his 8th grade year in middle school and onward, just going along with the flow wherever it took him.

    His lax attitude eventually became his downfall though, causing him receive a terrible grade in his foreign language class. At first he was rather calm about it, relying on summer school to help receive his credits, but when he learned that there would be no summer classes for Japanese, that's when he really began to panic.Trying his hardest to persuade his teacher to change his grade, his only option was to join the study abroad program to Japan. Vicktor was rather hesitant on the suggestion though, concerned with the expenses of the trip. Consulting to his classmates about the issue, Whitman, his friend, suggested that he stay with him and Dre during the exchange program, his uncle owning property on Midorijima Island. 

    Taking the suggestion to heart, he applied for the study abroad program towards the end of his junior year in high school and joined both Dre and Whitman in attending Narashino high for their upcoming and final year of high school. 
    Vicktor enjoyed his experience in Japan even though most of it revolved around studying to acquire passing and good grades; he acquired many new skills for studying and his diligence in school increased significantly in comparison to how his study habits were in America.

    It turned out the three seemed to enjoy their stay and lives in Japan, slowly the jokes of staying and living together that they shared with each other soon became a reality. The three enrolled into college in Ooi and set out to find an apartment to share among the three of them in the Nakasu District splitting the rent and utilities within the three of themselves to make their living much more comfortable. 

    Shortly after they finally settled in comfortably within their new home, the boy decided on purchasing his own allmate; he purchased Oliver a seal-point Siamese model as a replacement pet since he's deathly allergic to the real felines and or just any dog,rodent,bird. Although if it weren't for Rhyme Oliver would be treated as an average house pet, but Vicktor couldn't help but stick his nose into figuring out on how to be apart of this competitive culture. At first he didn't exactly play but watch from afar until he finally got the basics down before actually attempting to play and compete. Playing rhyme competitively has become a bit of an addiction for Vicktor to pass and kill time, but he has to refrain himself every now and then just to get back to work and study. focus on things that matter, like rent. //shot//

    •  Bubble tea, doesn't matter what kind he just likes chewing on the bubbles.
    •  Cats, he finds them fascinating even though he's heavily allergic. 
    •  Crew-necks and long sleeves are love. majority of his wardrobe are made up of these.
    •  Hookahs and vaporizers fascinate him. owns a few along with his friend Dre.
    •  Punk Rock and Rock n Roll genre of music.
    •  Rainy/cold/windy weather. It gives him good vibes.
    •  The color Pink. It's his favorite color; it's a sexy color. Of course he won't openly admit it to just anyone. 
    •  Being around huge crowds.   
    •  Stress and Pressure. 
    •  The scorching sun & warm weather. It makes him turn pink/red and look as if he's fatigued. He will get fatigued if out for to long lol
    • The smell of tobacco Note: tobacco is completely different from his side activity.
    • Allergies and pollen. (for obvious reasons)
    • Embarrassing people, because he'll literally feel embarrassed for them.
    • Getting nervous. His palms get sweaty
    • Arts & crafts. the only reason for his dislike is because of his lack of 'talent' for it. he sucks so as far as being unable to create a ball out of play-dough.

    °Additional Information:

    ✗ Anyone 5'6+ must die get hit by a branch, this being because he strongly dislikes that he's short especially below average.

    ✗ Grudges4lyfe. Vicktor is someone who just never forgives and forgets.

    ✗ Does not know how to use chopsticks.

    ✗ He was once taller than both Dre and Whitman.

    ✗ Rents out an apartment in Nakasu with two of his friends. The rent is split among the three friends.

    ✗ Blunt blunt blunt, to simply put it. He's a guy who will give you his honest opinion if you like it or not.

    ✗ He dislikes people touching him.

    ✗ Prior to moving to Japan Vicktor had a job as a secretary at a small business, he saved a majority of the money he earned and along with scholarships he applied for, both help him with his living. Along with money transfers his mother or grandfather give him the extra help with him with his living.

    ✗ Can be a vengeful mischievous little bastard when he wants to be. Jokingly of course he'll try to trip you and or do some dumb things so please watch out.

    ✗ Tends to walk at the pace of a turtle. However he's very quick and is remarkably fast for someone so 'short'.

    O P M ★ M E M B E R S:
    Whitman L. Grimm
    Dre Guiler
    Kaede Kiyomizu
    Darren Cielo
    Seiichi Hyun
    Fusao Hatori
    Kanarei Tanaka

    ●RP_ NOTE ME 
    • Google Docs or Notes 
    • GMT-7 (PST time)
    • Scrip_Para/Lit. (I don't mind which format really. I'll try to adjust as best as possible.)
    ●_Interested in knowing more random shit about him? Character Hub Profile

    vicktor don jon © LeMinouNoir
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    Sigme Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014
    Ahhh, He looks really nice! (and your style is really amazing!)
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    takarayume Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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    Kemi has an unhealthy obsession with Alice in Wonderland. XD
    Seemed only fitting to have a Cheshire Cat colored AllMate~ X3
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    And Cornish Rex cats have really soft kinda curly peachfuzz fur. |D
    Be nice and silkyyy~
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